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Accelerating your Devops

Author: Kurt Yoder

I'm the founder of Greenfly

Get to the point, Ansible

Run Ansible starting at your current changes

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Command line json

Rework your JSON from the command line

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Cautious Bash

Catch errors quickly in your bash automation

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Find the giants

Find the giant files and directories that are hiding on your disks and storage

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Control, etc

Automatically track changes to your Linux configuration directory

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Ansible passwords

Test your Ansible changes without entering your password

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Memory please

On a Linux system, check how much free memory you have

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Borg activity

Easily check whether your Borg backups recently completed

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Reading json

Use Python from the command line to easily and quickly find a value within a giant wall of JSON

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Restricting rsync

Run your quick backups with rsync and SSH. Do it securely with a single-use SSH key and rrsync.

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