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Greenfly SAU, LLC

Accelerating your Devops

Capability Statement

Kurt Yoder, CEO

Greenfly Servitors and Ultranautics, LLC

Company Data

Founded in 2016, Greenfly SAU, LLC delivers devops services via subcontracts to federal government customers. For more information, visit https://greenfly.io

Core Competencies

Greenfly SAU, LLC provides devops expertise. We have helped two DARPA projects in the Information Innovation Office to automate, build, and test their software. These included a next-generation cyber operations platform (PlanX), and an experimental radio spectrum collaboration platform (SC2).

Competencies include:

  • Devops technologies and methods
  • Builds: Jenkins, GoCD
  • Automation: Ansible, Puppet, Saltstack, Chef
  • OS: Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS
  • Clustering: Openstack, Terraform, Docker, Ubuntu MaaS
  • Monitoring: Splunk, Graphite, Nagios, Elastic
  • Scripting: Python, Ruby, Bash


  • 25 years of experience with diverse IT industry consumers, both government and private. Broad experience with tool-sets and operating environments.
  • Implemented devops and devsecops solutions for diverse government agencies, from planning through execution and verification.
  • Extensive technical expertise allows us to adapt appropriate devops solutions based on the customer environment.
  • Worked within multiple Agile methodologies and technologies as appropriate for customer needs.
  • Clearable, currently inactive
  • As a small business, we are nimble and adaptable

Past Performance

NSF PPO via Northeastern University. 590K, 2020-2024, Colosseum project devops. Updated software, OS, hardware, and automation, adapting to new users and use cases.

DARPA I2O via Johns Hopkins University APL. 465K, 2018 – 2020, Spectrum Collaboration Challenge project devops. Prepared for award competition, transitioned to NSF. See https://greenfly.io/case-study-darpa-sc2

DARPA I2O via Aerotek, L3/Data Tactics, CACI, 26 Labs. 715K, 2016 – 2018, Plan X project deployment/devops team. Created automated build system, identified build blockages, deployed project metrics and monitoring, transitioned to DoD/Army. See https://greenfly.io/case-study-darpa-plan-x